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The following is a sampling of publications by Microway Systems Inc. employees:


Title Reference Authors Fomat et size

Reliable Robotics: a simulation-based methodology for safe and reliable robotic control

Invited paper, Proceedings of the Second IARP/IEEE-RAS Joint Workshop: Technical Challenge for Dependable Robots in Human Environments, Toulouse, France, October 7-8, 2002

P.Baracos, M.Doyon

PDF 395 KB

PC-based real-time Power-system Simulation Takes an Effective Step Forward

IEEE Canadian Review, Fall 2002, pp. 17-21

C.Dufour, J.Belanger, S.Abourida, P. Baracos

PDF 191 KB

Distributed Real-time Simulation of Power Systems Using Off-the-shelf Software

IEEE Canadian Review, Summer 2001, pp. 5-8


PDF 448 KB

Real-Time Simulation, Control And HIL With COTS Computing Clusters

Proceedings AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, 14-17 August 2000, Denver, CO, publication number AIAA-2000-4593

Marco Papini, Paul Baracos

PDF 131 KB

Hackers seek leaks in insecure web sites

Cover Feature in InTech, The International Journal for Measurement and Control, Research Triangle Park, NC, Feb. 2000, pp. 38-40


PDF 381 KB


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